Machine Safety Devices/Area Sensors Light Curtain

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MODEL Machine Safety Devices/Area Sensors Light Curtain

Product Description

Safety Light Curtains 1000+ Machine Safety Protective Devices

The 1000+ series safety light curtains comply with international safety standards IEC6149-1 and IEC61496-2 TYPE2 safety requirements. They have also obtained compliance certificates from reputable European verification organizations and are in line with domestic TS certification.

Traditionally, safety light curtains were quite expensive, which deterred their use in various applications. The 1000+ series safety light curtains are designed with the idea of popularizing the use of safety products and employ the latest advanced technology. They provide the essential photoelectric safety function in a cost-effective manner, allowing users to obtain optical protection at a more affordable price.

In practical use, various features can be added according to specific needs, making the light curtains a more cost-effective solution. For industrial applications, this will open up new areas of use and promote the popularization of safety protection technology.

Application Areas

Certain types of stamping machinery
Injection molding machines
Mechanical robotic assembly lines
Low to medium-level automation with low hazard
Metal forming and various types of manufacturing line automatic warehousing
Packaging lines
Safety Light Curtains - Area Sensing Light Curtains

Area sensing light curtains, with their competitive prices and diverse types, are versatile and can easily meet customer requirements. They are well-suited for use in a wide range of applications within a specified area, including detection, protection, inspection, and discrimination. These products comply with the European Low Voltage Directive (LVD) requirements and carry the CE mark.

Application Areas

Object detection sensing
Object detection
Automatic operation sensing
Parking equipment sensing
Part picking and inspection
Assembly line direction control
Packaging lines