PGSE Electric Parallel Gripper



Product Description

The PGSE Industrial Thin Parallel Electric Gripper is a miniature electric gripper designed specifically for fast gripping in tight and compact installation spaces in industrial settings.
Extreme Thinness: The PGSE gripper features a compact and delicate design, with dimensions of only 85.6 x 38 x 23.2 mm.
High-Speed Response: The gripper offers rapid opening and closing times, with a minimum time of 0.15 s/0.15 s. It provides fast gripping cycles to meet the high-speed gripping requirements of production lines.
Flexible Installation: The gripper body provides multiple mounting options, combined with its small size, making it easy to install in tight spaces.
Application Scenarios: The PGSE gripper is suitable for compact production conditions, such as the semiconductor and 3C electronics industries, where it can be used for gripping, sorting, loading, and unloading of miniature components.

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